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 Building Blocks for the Future is The CARE Center's new fundraising campaign. In a nut shell:  each "block" is the dollar value of the number inside the block.  If we can sell each block, we can pay off our main campus building.  Our goal is to fill all the blocks by the end of July with names of individuals who believe in our mission and desire to see The CARE Center grow and thrive.  


You can make a difference for future generations with just one dedicated block. Blocks range from $1 to $315. There will only be one family dedication per block. Choose your own block and amount. It will be dedicated in your honor and proudly hung on display at the main campus for the community to see.


Honor a friend or loved one. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

*Please call to verify amount is still available: 256.723.2273


Learn more about Building Blocks for the Future here.


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