“Kindness is not what you do, but who you are.” 

We are a non-profit (501c3), multi-denominational Christian partnership of churches and community partners who prioritize spreading the transforming news that God loves the world. Through Jesus Christ’s ministry, death, and resurrected life, His followers continue to move the life-changing message of the Gospel forward. Led by God’s Holy Spirit, we proclaim hope and justice to a broken humanity and attempt to demonstrate acts of service and kindness to all.


The CARE Center seeks to rid the communities in Southeastern Madison County of intergenerational poverty where our neighbors are educated, employable, self-sustaining, and believe in the transforming redemption of Christ’s love.


The CARE Center exists to share the love and hope of Christ while empowering our neighbors in Southeastern Madison County through educationemployment, and crisis support.



In 2000, four area churches (Cove Church, Rivertree Church, Big Cove Presbyterian, and St. Columba Episcopal) put their denominational preferences aside to come together and launch The CARE Center after recognizing the unmet needs of our under-resourced neighbors in Southeastern Madison County.

Initially, the mission provided emergency food, toiletries, baby products, school supplies, and financial assistance to an average of sixty families per month. However, by 2005, The CARE Center Executive Board and volunteers realized the importance of community development to help our neighbors become self-sufficient and began designing higher education opportunities.

Today, because of God’s grace, The CARE Center has grown significantly, impacting the lives of so many of our neighbors. Volunteers and staff are dedicated to walking through the crisis while offering hope & opportunity to our neighbors regularly. We are currently
partnered with over 1,500 students and families through our engagement with local schools, including Madison County Elementary, Madison County High School, New Hope Elementary and High Schools, and Owens Cross Roads School.

2000 – founded as four local churches set aside their denominational differences in support of poverty alleviation
2005 – transitioned from a charitable organization to an increasingly developmental model
2008 – created a partnership with New Hope Elementary and High Schools to provide resources, mentors, and tutors
2009 – moved business offices from the Berkley Center to Main Drive in New Hope
2010 – opened our first thrift store location in New Hope and received 21st CCLC grant funding
2011 – launched the New Hope Community Learning Center and Bags of Blessings
2014 – added school partnerships with OCRS and MCES/MCHS and began the Fuel Their Hunger to Learn initiative
2016 – received additional 21st CCLC grant funding to launch the Owens Cross Roads Community Learning Center
2017 – started the Ignite Your Potential program for young adults to pursue higher education and workforce development
2018 – updated the Food Pantry and Bags of Blessings application process to know better and understand our neighbors
2020 – served on the frontlines of localized crisis support efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic
2021 – consolidated all ministries within a renovated, single campus and opened the Gurley thrift store location
2022 – began a Recovery Support group and opened the Guntersville thrift store location


The CARE Center