Fuel Their Hunger to Learn

The CARE Center is a community collaborator with New Hope Elementary and High School, Owens Cross Roads Elementary, and Madison County Elementary and High School through the Fuel Their Hunger to Learn education initiative. Our objective is to provide students with access to enrichment opportunities, academic remediation, and emergency services previously unavailable locally. As a result, we expect students in our program to grow academically, develop age-appropriate social and emotional skills, and for their family unit to be strengthened. This is accomplished by giving students access to weekly academic support, enrichment programs, and emergency services that lead to student success, growth, and development.


The CARE Center continues to serve families in southeast Madison County with after-school hands-on learning programs and summer camps. These serve as a haven for more than 250 students daily at four local schools. Students and their parents rely on the program to provide homework assistance, STEM activities, reading, art enrichment, physical activity, nutritious snacks, character education, and participation in service learning activities. As a result, students enrolled in The CARE Center’s Community Learning Center programs have experienced drastic improvements in grades and behavior!

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Bags of Blessings is a weekend food security program partnered with New Hope Elementary and High School and Owens Cross Roads School to provide meal packs to children who qualify for this program. In many cases, the meals at school are the only healthy food these children receive. The meal packs are distributed each Friday discreetly and help supplement children through the weekend. In addition, larger break bags are provided for Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break. By delivering weekend food to children, school administrators have reported an increase in school day attendance, test scores, and a decrease in behavioral issues; ultimately allowing the children to take their focus off their hunger crisis and put it back on their school work and learning.

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The CARE Center provides volunteers who serve as tutors and lunch buddies during the school day at each of our partnering schools (NHES, NHHS, OCRS, MCES, and MCHS.) Volunteers work one-on-one with students and teachers to help overcome academic barriers. Lunch buddies are volunteers assigned to a student in need of a mentor. They will meet during the student’s designated lunch time, preferably one time per week. For more information regarding our volunteer opportunities, please call our main office at 256-723-2273 or email us at info@thecare-center.org.  

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