“Do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.”

The act of Jesus sacrificing his life for our freedom holds the highest level of selflessness. As a result, we are constantly in search of individuals with similar values to join us in demonstrating Christ-like love and selflessness towards our neighbors. Please take a moment to review the available opportunities and prayerfully consider them.


Our learning environments rely on dedicated volunteers who can commit to delivering a monthly meal or making a recurring $40 PayPal donation. We kindly ask you to review the schedule and sign up today to support our Meal Ministry. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Your donations to our thrift store are crucial and have a significant impact on our mission and the sustainability of our community and planet. The revenue generated from all sales directly supports our ministries, enabling us to continue making a positive difference. Any items that we’re unable to sell will often be recycled, and we’re happy to arrange pick-ups for larger donations at no charge.

Call 256.723.2281 to ask about pick-up availability and scheduling.


The Food Pantry at the CARE Center is a ministry run by volunteers. It offers a 3-day emergency food supply to our neighbors in times of crisis. This amazing service is made possible by the generous support of our mission partners, donors, and Publix.

Feel free to have items from our Amazon wish list delivered to:

The CARE Center
5410 Main Drive
New Hope, AL 35760

The CARE Center