The CARE Center collaborates with New Hope, Owens Cross Roads, Brownsboro, and Gurley communities through Ignite Your Potential, a workforce development program for teens and young adults ages 17-24. The objective of our program is to assist our clients with addressing personal barriers that may hinder success and provide career-training opportunities within the local community. As a result, we expect our program’s graduates to grow in employability, college preparedness, and self-sufficiency. Additionally, we help our clients gain the social and emotional tools necessary to face everyday stressors to achieve goals and sustain success. This is accomplished by assessing and addressing the individual needs of our clients.

Each client goes through an initial assessment phase to identify barriers to self-sufficiency. Then, an Individual Strategy Plan (ISP) is developed to address their unique barriers to employability and autonomous behaviors. Measurable goals such as obtaining a GED or technical training certification are included in the ISP. As clients work through their ISP, they meet with and are assessed by the career development coordinator every thirty days. Because of the ongoing client assessment, she can provide counseling, identify additional barriers to success, and adjust the ISP as needed. We measure the program’s success by the number of clients obtaining GEDs, technical training certificates, and entering other institutes of higher learning.

Ignite Your Potential includes intensive services offered to young adults to provide tangible resources to the community to help them become competitive within the workforce, obtain self-sufficiency, and sustain independence: 


Ministry Building
5414 Main Drive 
New Hope, AL 35763
Mondays & Wednesdays / 5:30 – 8:30 PM


Ministry Building
5414 Main Drive
New Hope, AL 35760

For more information, please get in touch with our Adult Education Office at 256-723-2271.

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