Vision Statement

Sharing the love and hope of Christ through our ministry initiatives and outreaches.

Our Core Values:

Our Purpose   We are guided by our Creator to be the hands and feet of Christ. We encourage those we serve by demonstrating Christ’s love through our actions to create self-sufficiency and hope for the future.

Relationship With Communities We Serve   All people are created in God’s image and therefore deserve treatment that affirms their dignity.

Partnerships   We desire to mobilize churches and community members. We support the community through contributions of our volunteers’ time and resources. Each volunteer answers their call from God by utilizing their unique talents and giftedness.

Work Environment   We work together to reach out to our neighbors by sharing our experience, strength, hope and love, to be a safe haven for those who feel they have nowhere else to go to experience the love of Christ.

Integrity   We strive to be good stewards of the resources God provides to us. We lead by the example of how Christ works in our lives and have a desire to give back because of the unconditional love he has shown us.

Statement of Beliefs

The CARE Center is a multi-denominational Christian partnership of churches. We believe in the priority of spreading the transforming news that God loves the world. Through Jesus Christ’s ministry, death, and resurrected life, His followers continue to move the life changing message forward. Led by God’s Holy Spirit, we proclaim hope and justice to a broken humanity, and attempt to demonstrate acts of service and kindness to all.


The CARE Center